Novak Djokovic may have had the best possible start to 2012, having won the Australian open beating Rafael Nadal in an epic final that lasted over five hours to win his third Australian Open crown and fifth Grand Slam overall, but he is not happy with that and has already set his sights on achieving something that has not been done for quite some time and that is to win the Career Slam and Golden Slam.

The Djoker is yet to make his mark at Roland Garros, having reached the semi finals stages of the French Open on three occasions and this year, he is looking to take the crown for himself.

But he has the King of Clay standing in his way with Rafael Nadal, still reeling after three consecutive Grand Slam final losses to Djokovic and would not give up his crown without a fight. Novak Djokovic is also looking forward to the Olympic Games to be held in London this year, knowing a win there and at the French Open would give him a career Golden Slam that has not been achieved for many years now.

But 24 year old knows that it will not be an easy task and he has been working hard on it ever since winning the Australian Open. The only person ever to have done the Golden Slam was Steffi Graf way back in 1988 and if he does manage to win it, Djokovic will be considered as a legend in the game of tennis.

Having won the Bronze Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Novak Djokovic knows that success does not come easily at the Games and with his experience this times, he hopes that he can get the better of his opponents and write his name down in the history books.