Djokovic: hard to make the record books

Three players in the men’s French open championship could make history with a victory at the Roland Garros stadium this year. Rafe Nadal would become the first to win seven French Open titles, Roger Federer would earn himself  a record breaking seventeenth grand slam title and Novak Djokovic would become the first person for forty three years to hold all four grand slam titles at the same time.

Djokivic who si the current world number one already holds the Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open championships and a victory in Paris would put him down in the history books as he achieves what Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer have failed to do. Fellow tennis player and world number four, Andy Murray believes that should the Serbian win in Paris, his achievement would be one of the greatest achievement in tennis history as the twenty five year old looks to win a fourth consecutive grand slam victory.

Truly a victory for Djokivic would turn him into a super star of the tennis world and no doubt have him ranked alongside Federer and Borg as one of the greatest players to have ever picked up a tennis racket. Before he is able to secure this feat he perhaps has the most difficult job ahead of him as he plays on his unfavoured court type and on defending French Open champion Rafa Nadal’s favoured court type of clay, where the Spaniard has dominated for the last 8 years as he chases his seventh French trophy. Nadal’s clay prowess has twice denied Roger Federer from securing all four grand slams in at one time and it is hard to look past the powerful Majorcan to deny Djokivic from reaching his historic goal.