Djokovic put in his place

2011 saw an unbelievably successful year for Djokovic. With the U.S. Open, Montreal, Wimbledon, Rome, Madrid, Belgrade, Miami, Indian Wells, Dubai and the Australian Open under his belt, he looked unstoppable and he soared to number one status. This year, however has not seen the Serb dominate in the same way, and although he has already secured Miami and the Australian Open, these do not compare to the 10 title triumphs from the previous year. He met Roger Federer in the Wimbledon semi-finals, which saw him knocked out of the tournament, and knocked off the number one spot, handing it back to the Swiss.

On the previous occasions when the pair have met, it has been Djokovic who has come out on top; breaking Federer in the 2011 US Open and then again this year in the French Open. Many have doubted Federer’s excellence, believing him to be past his best, and unable to compete with the strength of Djokovic. The Serb could then go into the Wimbledon semi-final confident to ease through to the final. How wrong he was. Federer, with an faultless serve, took the first set, much to the dismay of Djokovic. The Serb fought back, levelling the game but it was in vain, as the Swiss sensation who’s abilities had been questioned went on to win the third and fourth set and subsequently the match.

Djokovic who might have enjoyed basking in his glory, should have known not to get too comfortable at the top. The tennis season has withnessd some surprising results, including Nadal’s defeat at the hands of 100th seed Rosol as well as Federer’s unbelievable comeback to the top. With the tennis greats all in impeccable form, the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games should make for an extremely enjoyable and exciting contest.