Novak Djokovic has won the ATP World tour finals 2012 by defeating Roger Federer in the final match. Djokovic defeated Federer in the straight sets by 7-6(6), 7-5. With this victory, Djokovic has ended the season as the no. 1 player in the world.

Djokovic didn’t lose any match in the entire tournament. He won all three of his Round Robin matches. In the semi final match, he got better of the tall Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. In the final match, he had to face the Swiss Maestro Federer and the match was supposed to be a close one. The match did turn out to be a close one, but, at the end, it was Djokovic who held his nerves and won this big event.

Djokovic played a total of 87 matches in this season out of which he won 75 and lost 12. Djokovic’s performance in the previous season was a bit better than this. He had won 78 matches in the previous season and had been defeated only on 7 occasions.

In this season, Djokovic won a total of 6 titles including Australian Open. He also lost 5 finals. The victories in those finals would have taken his title tally to 11. Overall, it was another fantastic season for the Serbian tennis superstar.

After winning the final match against Roger Federer, Djokovic said, “My father is not well. He is struggling with his health and he was my motivation today. I wanted to win this tournament for him and I am happy that I managed to do that.”

“Finishing the second consecutive season as the world no. 1 is really something amazing. I had lost the last two matches against Federer. So, I was under a bit of pressure. The first set was a bit tight, but, after pulling it off in the tie breaker, I got relieved.”