Novak Djokovic And His Legendary Career

There is no other name that is as much talked about than Novak Djokovic.

He seems to be signified an end of the machine age that had come by in tennis where machines were able to predict who would win as per the capabilities, trends and playing styles. The victory on the clay courts of the French Open Novak was able to prove all the machines wrong. He now holds all four titles at the same time, a feat that has not been achieved since the sixties.

For those who were unable to catch the finals, they missed the chance to see the man running all over, stretching, sliding and spinning the shots, anything but stumbling and falling. Only after he finished and gained his victory did the viewers saw the champion stumble or simply allow he to lie back on the court where he had just spent three grueling hours to gain the win in the French Open. The man was all veins and sinew when he was playing, but the moment he realized that he had bagged the first title in the French Open he seemed to reveal his vulnerable self, struggling to catch his breath.

When the finals came from, it was the only title that he had not gained under his belt. It was an era when he seems to be not in the mood to lose. If you see his track record, this is the twelfth title in major tournaments that he has won an incredible feat for sure. The most impressive aspect is that it is a fourth win in a successive series. He has held all titles in the Grand Slam category, similar to not many champions besides Don Budge in the thirties and Rod Laver in 1969.