Novak Djokovic not in best Health

Novak Djokovic had not been in the best of conditions heath wise over the last few days, but, he is fit and raring to go now.

The Serbian superstar would be looking to add to his tally of four titles here in Melbourne.

He does not have to defend his crown though this time around. He is not the reigning champion as last year, he had become the victim of an upset and the player who showed him the exit door had gone on to lift the trophy actually.

Djokovic would be itching to establish his domination in Australia again.

Nobody has doubts over the fact that the 26-year old is better than any other player in the world when it comes to playing on hard surfaces. He has got the perfect game for that and that’s why, people are going to put his money on him this year too as they had done last year, but, the upsets are never out of the equation in the Grand Slams especially in this era when the game has become more competitive than ever.

Djokovic’s fans were worried a little bit about his health. He did not practice at all in the initial parts of the last week, but, in the weekend, he made his way to the practice courts and then, the way he spoke confidentially to the reporters, it seemed as if he was all fine from inside.

The top ranked player in the world was quoted as speaking, “It’s been quite a troublesome week, but, all is well now and I hope to have a good start in the tournament.”

It’s the stomach bug which had been troubling Djokovic. He had had slight fever too. Probably a viral or bacterial infection it was