Robin Soderling, the only one to beat Nadal in French Open Semi in 2009

An epic day when Soderling beat Nadal in four sets to reach the finals of French Open in 2009 still lingers in one’s mind as he became famous for outclassing Nadal and proving to be his nemesis that too in his favorite ground.

For almost half of the decade Soderling was the best men in tennis who seemed invincible to be beaten. He moved to 4th rank which was his highest. This year is special because it brings back the memories attached with Soderling and Nadal rivalry as it is the 5th anniversary of the historical day when Soderling outclassed Nadal.

It still is hailed as the titanic upset in the history of world tennis. After 2011 he has been missing from the action due to injuries but he still has sights of making a comeback as he has not announced his retirement from world class tennis. He is recovering from his injuries by taking proper rest and care at home. Soderling is very blunt as he sincerely is making an effort to make a comeback. In an interview to a reputed magazine he stated that he cannot imagine his life without the tennis court. He has also trying his hand at developing handmade tennis ball as this activity is fun for him.

He is feeling positive and confident about making a comeback with enthusiasm. Even he recollects his match with Nadal when he beat him at his den. But he is taking one day at a time during his rest period. He is also going in for fishing and lot of other activities but clearly his fans want him to see him roaring back into the tennis court with a bang.