Tennis legend Pete Sampras opines that Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic would bounce back strongly next year.

This year has been for veterans Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Sampras believes that the Big Four would be firing all cylinders next season.

This year Murray and Djokovic could not keep up due to various reasons as Federer and Nadal’s career resurged. The Swiss and Spaniard shared the spoils in the four majors. Djokovic called time for the rest of the year after a quarter-final retirement in Wimbledon. The season was largely underwhelming and fans were distraught with his performance and reason he gave. Murray himself suffered from the stress of an impressive 2016 and then a chronic hip issue affected him.

Federer and Nadal took long time off in 2016 and it helped them all through this season. With the time off by Djokovic and Murray, the forthcoming season – as this term slows to an end – would surely be explosive as the stars battle for ratings and victories.

“Oh yeah, I think if you take that much time off, they’re going to be very eager and determined. I’m sure Novak and Andy are going to be right in the mix next year and compete for majors,” Sampras declared.

Injury is the major concern for the Big Four in 2018 as they would surely be motivated enough to fight off one another to a standstill.

Federer would likely keep selecting tournaments to partake while getting the needed rest at his age; Djokovic would be keen on reclaiming his lost glory while combining it with family responsibility; Murray has a lot to prove especially as he seems to be the weakest of the four; and Nadal has to remain fit and keep leading the pack.